Barefoot Glamour
Sierra L. in Barefoot Glamour
Sierra at the Park

Barefoor Glamour

Barefoot Glamour, as I call it, epitomizes the look of the girl next door. Generally, but not always, the images are made on location in the great outdoors. The clothing is casual and fun, and we'll make great use of natural elements in the setting to complement the image and the model's look.

Props tend to be minimal and are used to create a more dynamic scene, though cars, boats, and other large elements can be used to change the feel of the environment. If you have your own ideas for what you want in the image, such as a motorcycle or other prop, we can work together to explore the idea and include elements that have personal meaning to you in the final images.

Barefoot Glamour is a more casual form of photography, and I prefer to use natural lighting as much as possible with some fill lighting provided by a small strobe or a reflector, therefore there isn't a lot of setup required for the shoot. Often we just jump in the car and drive to our location with a minimum amount of gear or fuss.

Gabrell K. Barefoot Glamour
Gabriell Barefoot

I have scouted a number of great locations for Barefoot Glamour over the years, and I'm always find new places in which to shoot, but I'm also quite willing to use locations my models have in mind as well. Often I learn of great new spots to shoot through my models. So, if you know of a place where you'd like to shoot, don't hesitate to mention it to me.

One of the great things about Barefoot Glamour is that you don't need a lot of fancy costumes or clothing for the shoot. The attire is almost always casual and comfortable. Sometimes I simply use t-shirts or tank tops and even old worn-out jeans for the shoot. Even with such casual attire, wonderful and alluring images can be produced. So, if you're interested in shooting some Barefoot Glamour with me, contact me and let's chat.

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