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The 1st Autumn Fairy

The Autumn Fairy is the fae of change and color. She is the harbinger of the Winter Fairy and she brings the cool nights and the silvery frosts that slowly change the forests into riot of color and gently prepares nature for her long winter nap.

She is cool in demeanor, but she can have unexpected streaks of warmth. She loves color; the brighter the better. The maple tree is her avatar, but she can be found in every copse of colorful trees and shubs.

The model for this shoot should can be any size or shape, but should have soft features and a warm smile. Hair can be any length, but darker colors would be preferred.

This is another exterior shoot wtth lots of natural light and fill provided by reflectors and/or strobes.

Key elements of this shoot will be:

Lots of colorful material in red, orange, yellow and other fall colors, either of tule or some other light fabric; red and green face jewels, and dark, colorful eyeshadow. Wings will be large and of Autumn colors.

Additional costume items will consist of an Autumn leaf garland to drape over the breats, a thong with autumn leaves, goldern body chains and roma chip thongs in brown, as well as fairy dust and golden crystal bareful sandals.

This is a reshoot of the original Autumn Fairy which was the 1st fae in this project. I want to update the look of the image and include the elements that now from a connecting thread through the entire series of photographs - tule, face jewels, body chains, and some degree of nudity.

The photo seen above is from the original shoot and shows the bright materials to be used.

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