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Lilly as the Woodland Fae
Woodland Fairy

This fae is a disciple of Gaia. She enriches the soil, guides the creatures who burrow beneath and live in the soil, and protects those who venture into the depths of the earth. She is a nuturing and gentle creature with a rich laugh and an earthy sense of humor. She has an affinity for farmers, gardeners and others who work with the soil. She is, by her very nature, protector of the environment.

She has no love and little patience for those that would abuse the earth. Strip miners, clear-cut lumberjacks, and polluters of all stripes should be ware her wrath. Earthquakes, rock and mud slides, and volcanic eruptions are her domain.

She is powerful, yet gentle. She is firm and understanding. She is the ultimate mother figure.

The model for this shoot can be any size and shape. The model should be able to portray a calm demeanor and shouldn't be afraid of getting dirty as this set of images will require interacting with the soil and ground, and maybe even some mud.

This is definitely and exterior shoot wtth lots of natural light and fill provided by reflectors and/or strobes.

Key elements of this shoot will be:

Dark brown and sand colored tule material, dark and crystall face jewels, and brown eyeshadow. Wings will be large and in earth or dark colors.

Additional costume items will consist of silver body chains, green leaf thongs, roma chip thongs in black or brown, as well as fairy dust, cut crystals, and tumbled rocks.

Given an adventurous and willing model, a great variation of this shoot would be to use a pond liner or pool set into the ground, filled with clean soil to make a mud, and have the model play in the mud. This would create some outstanding images.

The closest previous fairy shoot completed is the Woodland Fairy due to the similar colors.

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