Concept Page - Glamour in the Forest
Woodland Glamour

The forest can be a beautiful and serene place to shoot. We have some wonderful stands of old growth here in the Pacific Northwest as well as some beautiful trails that wind through peaceful woodlands. The light from the forest canopy can provide a wonderful dappled light that is simply amazing at the right time of the day. I've never had a woodland shoot that wasn't pleasing for both the photographer and the model.

Models for this type of shoot should enjoy nature and should be relatively free of allergies such as hay fever. The model should definitely no be afraid of bugs. The model should be willing to travel since the shoot locations tend to be further from the metro area than normal.

These shoots are outside shoot swtth lots of natural light and fill provided by reflectors and/or strobes.

Key elements of this shoot will be:

The use of natural scenery and woodland artifacts to complement and enhance the models beauty. Costume materials will be of complementing or contrasting colors to alternately make the model blend in with or stand out from her surroundings.

Additional costume items may consist of various outfits, jewelry, body chains, and other miscellanous props.

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