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The Reaper

The Reaper is that fae that gathers souls and dispenses final justice. She's grim, but not without an ironic sense of humor. She does her job well and with a variety of sharp instruments.

She's tall with tight body and sarcastic attitude. She's one with the shadows, enjoys giving a little pain, and doesn't mind drawing blood for her job.

You can't argue with her, or make deals. She's the final arbiter of right and wrong, good and evil. She might seduce you for her own pleasure before she takes you, but take you she will.

She's dark, fiery and seductive. You seek her at your own peril. She is fair, but absolutely and brutally honest. She brooks no argument, dispenses no quarter, and listens to appeals with a skeptical ear.

Costume materials:

Black or red wings, black and red face jewels, black and silver body chains, barefoot sandals, black and red tule, and a variety of weapons: K-bar knife, throwing blades, Kuri Blade, Katana Sword.

Lighting scheme - red background, red gelled lights,

Model: Bridgett K.
Location: MRB Studios, St. Johns, Oregon

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