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London Andews as a Garden Fairy
The Spring Fairy

The Spring Fairy is the fae of growth and renewal. She lavishes the earth with her attention, helps the seedlings to sprout, the nestlings to hatch, and the small and helpless to grow strong and flourish. The young are in her care, and she takes that responsibility quite seriously.

She is small, gentle and calm most of the time, but she can be as fierce as a hailstorm when protecting those in her charge. Like spring weather she can be warm and welcoming, but can turn cold and harsh when provoked. Provoke her at your peril.

The model for this shoot shold be small and slender with a calm demeanor, but she must be willing to act fierce and even cold for some of the shots to thoroughly explore the concept.

Key elements of this shoot are:

Green and yellow tule material, green and crystal face jewels, green eyeshadow, and pink lipsticks. Wings will be large and in spring colors.

Additional costume items will consist of silver body chains, green leaf thongs, roma chip thongs in yellow, purple, and pink as well as fairy dust, flower garlands, and a wand.

Model: Nikki A.
Location: Dallas, Oregon

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