Concept Page - Glamour at the Waterfall
Waterfall Glamour

Oregon is chock full of beautiful, and sometimes secluded, wateralls. Munsie Falls, Latourell Falls, and many of the falls in the Columbia River Gorge and Silver Falls State Park lend themselves as beautiful backdrops for glamour photography.

Models who enjoy playing in the water on a hot summer day and who don't mind a little hike to get to the shoot site are ideal for this type of glamour photography. The extra effort is well worth the images that will result from the shoot.

These shoots are outside shoot swtth lots of natural light and fill provided by reflectors and/or strobes.

Key elements of this shoot will be:

The use cascading water, logs, rocks and pools of water in which the model can play and have fun while the images are being recorded.

Additional costume items may consist of various swimsuits and other costumes, jewelry, body chains, and other miscellanous props.

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