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Lilly as the Woodland Fae
Window Nude

This elemental fae rides the winds, guides the breezes, and creates the storms that balance and distribute the thermal energy of the atmosphere. She's difficult to spot, but may be seen in the zyphyr winds that gently warm the land. She can also be seen riding the waterspouts at sea, directing the hail from above, and throwing lightning from cloud to cloud.

She can both warm and cool, relax and frighten, and create and destroy with her moods. She has gently carved the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon and sculpted the sand dunes of the Great Sahara over thousands of years. But, she has also destroyed entire cities with a single storm.

The model for this shoot should have slender feattures and preferable long, flowing hair. The model should be able to portray a variety of demeanors including a calm and soothing prescence, but she should be able to show an angry, stormy look as well..

This is another exterior shoot wtth lots of natural light and fill provided by reflectors and/or strobes.

Key elements of this shoot will be:

Lots of white mateiral, either of tule or some other light fabric, blue and crystall face jewels, and light eyeshadow. Wings will be large and in very light colors.

Additional costume items will consist of silver body chains and roma chip thongs in white, as well as fairy dust and streamers of white ribbon or lace.

The model will be shot in a full breeze with material contoured against her body by the force of the wind. The breeze may be natural or possible generated by a wind machine.

The window nude seen above is a good example of how the fabric would be used to outline the models body.

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