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Winter Nude

The Winter Fairy brings the shorter days and long nights the the world needs to reinvigorate herself.

Though certainly cold, she invites those around her to cuddle together for warmth and intimacy. She is not often welcomed, but she is necessary for the renewal of life. She helps the world to rest and rebuild energy. In the summer months she resides in the high mountains, but as the seasons progress she slowly descends into the valleys and plains below.

The model for this shoot should be slender with pale skin and light eyes and hair. She should be very tolerant to the cold and enjoy brisk air and a winter adventure. This shoot would produce some fantastic images for anyone's portfolio.

This is another exterior shoot wtth lots of natural light and fill provided by reflectors and/or strobes.

Key elements of this shoot will be:

The tule material used will be white, silver, and very light blue. Ideally this will be shot in a field of snow in early winter when the temperatures are not quite so frigid.

Additional costume items will consist of silver snowflake jewelry (earrings and necklate) purchased specifically for this shoot, as well as white snow boots. Silver body chains will be used to adorn the body and Swavorski crystal body tattoos will be used on the legs and torso.

The photo seen above is from a previous winter nude shoot. This shoot will be much more elaborate.

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