Women in Chains
Gabriell in Chains
Gabriell in Chains

No, it's not what you're thinking. It's definitely not about bondage, prisons, chain gangs, or anything like that. Nor is it a Gorean Fantasy or an adolescent's wet dream. It is, however, a fascinating and yet a simple concept--put beautiful women in beautiful chains and make them even more lovely.

About six years ago, while searching for some body jewelry to accent some festival costumes for my wife, I came across a company called Chainmail & More. The two artists that run the company produce wonderful works of art to adorn the human body. Everything is hand-made after you place your order and their designs are both unique and creative.

At the time, I ordered the items that I thought would work with the outfit, bookmarked the site for future reference, and then moved on to other projects. Three years later I began working on my fairy project and started acquiring costume accessories to support that project. Fortunately, I came across the bookmark and found a couple of chain items that I thought would ideally complement my Water Fairy and my Fire Fairy. The items were called Ice-Flame Body Chains, and they came in colors that wonderfully accented the concepts - Dark Fire and Blue Ice.

Bridgett in Chains
Bridgett in Chains

As the project progressed, I started adding more beautiful and unique chains to the project, and the folks at Chainmail & More worked with me to accomodate my requests and even notified me of new items as they became available. They also made suggestions regarding which crystals photographed well with the chains as well as designs they thought might go well with the concepts I had in mind. They're simply marvelous artists with whom to work.

I've incorporated many of their works of art into my photography, both in my Fae in All of Us project, and in other projects as well. Now, my inventory of these beautiful chains is such that I have decided to start this new project. All of the models who have particpated so far have raved about the quality and the beauty of these chains. And to a woman, they have all told me how sensuous the metal feels against their skin. It has, at times, been difficult to get them to give me the chains back at the end of the shoot. So, if you're at all hesitant about modeling in this series, you really shouldn't be. The chains will enhance your beauty and help provide you with some truly unique images. In fact, after posing in these chains, you'll probably want to buy some for yourself.

Final Thoughts; If you've come across this page via my web site or my blog, and you're interested in participating, please don't hesitate to contact me. There aren't any specific age, height, weight or body type requirements that you need to meet to be a part of this on-going and long term project. If you want to model, that's great. I'd love to work with new and experienced models that want to add something different to their portfolio or who are looking for a bit of paid work (provide the rates are reasonable and fit within my budget). I'm also always looking for new places to shoot, so if you've got a bit of property you think would make a good location and you'd like to allow the use of it for a shoot, let me know. If you're a Make-up Artist or a hairdresser with some ideas you'd like to try out - let me know. It can be great fun to experiment.

The only caveat I have for working in or with my project is that you be wiling to share your ideas and collaborate with me in the creative process and that you not be afraid of tasteful nudity or glamorous images.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for answers and you can see more example images below. Just click on them so see a larger version.

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