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The Dark Fairy

The Rock and Roll Fairy is the fae of hard music and good times. She the muse of Rock Artists and musicians and she inspires them to rock harder and longer than ever before.

She's small with tight body and rocking attitude. She's comfortable on stage, in front of crowds, and is an entertainer to her core.

She sports lots of tats, loves jewelry, and looks best in black or red. She has wild hair, hot looks, and isn't afraid to be herself. We'll use baby oil and a light spray of water to add a sheen to her skin and the look of being hot and sweaty under the lights.

Costume materials:

Black or red wings, black and red face jewels, red and silver body chains, boots, black and red tule, danglely earrings, and guitars. Ripped fish-nets and tiny g-panties.

Lighting scheme - black background, stage, fog, red and blue gelled lights - similar to the Dark Fairy lighting seen to the left.

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