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Pinup Photography has been a mainstay of the glamour industry for decades. Before there was extensive pinup photography, artists drew pinups for publications and photographers often sought to emulate the look of those drawings in their images. When you think of pinup you probably thing of Betty Page, Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth and the drawings of Alberto Vargas, but many modern artists have revived the age of the pinup. Olivia is probably the most famous and prolific of the modern pinup artists, but there are others, such as Carlos Cartagena, who create some very fine art work. In fact, such companies as Frederick's of Hollywood and Victoria's Secret are using pin-up style images in the catalogs to illustrate the beauty of their products. In their Winter 2007 catalog, Frederick's made extensive use of Dita Von Teese as a model for their lingerie.

Now, I can't draw or paint very well, though I have tried, but I love trying to create my own pin-up images by using light, poses, and lovely models to express my artistic side. Costumes and lighting for this type of photography are more elaborate and I use a full set of studio lights and modifiers to create the subtle lighting needed to create these types of images. As with my Barefoot Glamour images, I prefer to work on location and in a real environment versus in a studio, but sometimes the images call for the simplicity of a studio backdrop to be most effective. It really depends on the concept we're attempting to capture in the images.

Bridgett Pinup
Bridgett Pinup

I have many costumes and props in my kit, but my models are always welcome to bring their own materials to create a specific look for their images. If you're looking for a specific look for your portfolio or for your wall, we can meet in advance and discuss what would be needed for the concept, and I'm always open to shooting on location since my studio equipment is completely portable.

The real key to pinup photography, though, is the lighting and the poses used for the images. I have a number of books that I use for reference during a pinup shoot and we'll try many different poses and lighting scenarios to get a wide selection of images during the shoot. I shoot both with digital and Medium Format film, so we have immediate feedback during the photo session so we know we're getting the images we want,

Final Thoughts; If you've come across this page via my web site or my blog, and you're interested in participating, please don't hesitate to contact me. There aren't any specific age, height, weight or body type requirements that you need to meet to be a part of this on-going and long term project. If you want to model, that's great. I'd love to work with new and experienced models that want to add something different to their portfolio or who are looking for a bit of paid work (provide the rates are reasonable and fit within my budget). I'm also always looking for new places to shoot, so if you've got a bit of property you think would make a good location and you'd like to allow the use of it for a shoot, let me know. If you're a Make-up Artist or a hairdresser with some ideas you'd like to try out - let me know. It can be great fun to experiment.

The only caveat I have for working in or with my project is that you be wiling to share your ideas and collaborate with me in the creative process and that you not be afraid of tasteful nudity or glamorous images.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for answers and you can see more example images below. Just click on them so see a larger version.

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