Concept Page - Glamour in the Garden
Garden Glamour

Secluded little gardens, or even not so secluded large gardens, can be wonderful places to shoot. The flowers and plants can be used to enhance and play off a model's natural beautfy. Many gardens offer structures such as bridges, fountains and pools which can be used to provide a varied and beautiful backdrop for the photography.

There's no specific type of model required for this kind of shoot. Of couse, someone who loves flowers is ideal, but almost every model looks great in this type of environment.

These shoots are outside shoot swtth lots of natural light and fill provided by reflectors and/or strobes.

Key elements of this shoot will be:

The use of flowers, vegetation and natural and well as man-made structures.

Additional costume items may consist of various dressed and other costumes, jewelry, body chains, and other miscellanous props.

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